Alexa App Draining iPhone Battery (Causes + Solution)

How to solve the Alexa App Draining iPhone Battery? Force the Alexa app to close. To turn off notifications, swipe slightly to the right and hold down the Settings icon. You cannot disable system-related notifications.

You are likely the only one to blame for the low battery on your phone. However, having something or someone else to pin it on is helpful. The maker of the phone storage software, pCloud, decided to assist by examining the app permissions to determine which are active on your phone, regardless of whether you use them or not.

The research determined which features—such as location or camera—were utilized by the apps, how much battery life those features consumed, and if the apps in question had a dark-mode setting. According to those metrics, Facebook, Fitbit, Uber, Skype, and Verizon rank as the top five biggest drains.

App Draining iPhone Battery

The apps that consume the most time are also among the greatest battery hogs, which is not coincidental. The top 20 social networking apps allow 11 functionalities to operate in the background, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, and WhatsApp.

Your phone experiences the same emotional exhaustion as online dating (Opens in a new window). 15% of the most battery-intensive apps include Bumble, Grindr, and Tinder. Each allows you to swipe through potential matches while roughly 11 features run.

Alexa App Draining iPhone Battery

The most useful items on our phones are the apps. Our preferred app is instantly installed on our phone with a light push on the install button. However, some apps can severely deplete the battery on your phone and cause issues. It is required to remove them from your phone as a result. Yet how? How can I determine which apps are consuming the battery on my phone?

How Do You Stop Apps From Draining The Phone Battery?

So, now that you know which apps are using up the most power on your phone, it’s time to stop them by using these straightforward fixes.

Hibernate Battery-Consuming Apps

The first recommendation I’d like to make is to attempt hibernating the battery-hungry apps by using the “Background Restriction” or “Force Stop” features from the “Settings” menu.

Avoid Using Ram Booster Or Storage Booster Apps

Installing a RAM booster or storage booster app that claims to increase your phone’s productivity by deleting background-running applications and unnecessary data may be alluring.

But believe me when I say that doing so is not a smart idea because it forces the program to stop running in the background, and when it tries to launch itself again, it uses more battery life and phone resources. Additionally, it uses more battery, so it is preferable to avoid such apps.

Regularly Update Your Apps

Update your apps frequently because doing so can improve your device’s battery life and memory management.

Regularly Update Your OS

Regular OS updates will also aid in controlling your phone’s battery, just as updating your apps can work wonders for preserving battery life.

Additionally, if your smartphone runs iOS 13 or later or Android 8 or higher, it can quickly learn your daily charging and phone usage patterns and adjust the battery accordingly.

Try Power Saving Mode

Many smartphones come with a built-in “Power Saving Mode” feature that improves your phone’s battery health by lowering RAM usage and background app activity. This feature aids users in conserving battery life while also extending battery life.

Turn On Dark Mode

The newest smartphones now readily accommodate the Dark Mode feature, which transforms the white screen into one with a dark theme, thereby lowering battery use.

Additionally, modern websites and apps both have this functionality built into them so that you can always enable them manually if your phone doesn’t do so. You can use these remedies in addition to the ones stated above to prolong the life of your device’s battery.

  • When not in use, lower the screen’s brightness.
  • If not in use, turn off the Wi-Fi.
  • Don’t use your phone in hot weather.
  • When not in use, turn off the location services and GPS.
  • Reduce the timeout for the screen.

Can The Health Of The Battery Still Deplete Over Time?

Yes, battery health might deteriorate over time even when you take safeguards. A lithium-based battery has a total of 400 to 500 good charge cycles, claims a user on

Therefore, to maintain the health of your battery, it is preferable to maintain a fixed charging cycle. I charge my phone between 80% and 85% before using it till the battery is between 25% and 30%, both I and my smartphone benefit from the circumstance.

Also, remember that your phone doesn’t need to be charged 100% all the time. It is alright occasionally, but it is a bit of unpleasant news every day.

Additionally, keep your device from overheating since this could seriously affect the condition of the battery (Essentially, this involves the electrolyte in the battery crystallizing, which can prevent ions from moving to the opposite ends or from positive to negative and vice versa).

Final Verdict

Therefore, the Alexa App Draining iPhone Battery is a normal issue that every phone user occasionally encounters. To prevent an unnecessary drain on your battery, it is crucial to identify those apps using the “Battery Usage” option and either hibernate them or remove them from your phone. Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my battery losing power so quickly?

Even when not used, your battery loses power considerably more quickly when heated. This type of discharge may damage your battery. You don’t need to teach your phone how much power a battery has by moving from a full charge to a zero charge or vice versa. We advise periodically discharging your battery to less than 10% and charging it fully overnight.

How can I prevent a quick battery drain?

Android Battery Draining So Quickly: 7 Solutions
·       Check your phone’s app’s battery use.
·       Disable the automatic brightness setting.
·       Disable All Insignificant Notifications.
·       Manually disable connections on Android.
·       Reduce the Android screen timeout.
·       Check for Software Bugs.
·       Take care of your battery.

Why does my battery drain when it’s being charged?

The existence of malicious apps may be one factor causing your smartphone battery to discharge while it is charging. While your phone is charging, it can deplete if unreliable apps run in the background.

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