How To Add Friends On Spades Plus Without Facebook? Steps

Many people have grown to love playing the famous online card game Spades Plus, which Zynga created. Thanks to its entertaining gameplay, players can compete against friends and other users worldwide. What happens if you want to add friends to Spades Plus without using Facebook? In this detailed guide, I’ll go over How To Add Friends On Spades Plus Without Facebook?

The card game Spades Plus is more than just another one. Adding several game modes, such as Classic, Solo, Mirror, and Whiz, elevates the classic Spades game to a new level.

Each type of game involves different tactics, combining entertainment and cerebral challenge.

How To Add Friends On Spades Plus Without Facebook?

The main issue is how to add friends to Spades Plus without using Facebook. To increase the size of your Spades Plus circle, follow these steps.

How To Add Friends On Spades Plus Without Facebook

Step 1

Getting to the Friend Management Menu – To add friends in Spades Plus, you must first get to the Friend Management Menu. To access this menu, click on the “Friends” symbol at the down of the game screen.

Step 2

Using the Friend Search feature is step two. There is a search option in the friend management menu. You may add a buddy by entering their Spades Plus user name or ID here.

Step 3

Sending a Friend Request – Click on your friend’s profile after finding their username or user ID and choosing “Add Friend.” They’ll receive a friend request in the mail. They’ll show up in your friend list after they accept your request.

Please be aware that this strategy only works if your friends have previously downloaded the Spades Plus app. You must first invite them to join Spades Plus if they still need to be members.


Adding friends on spades plus without Facebook is simple and possible. With this newfound information, you’re prepared to increase the number of people on your Spades Plus friend list and elevate your game experience.

Spades Plus offers something to everyone, whether you enjoy playing for fun, the excitement of competition, or the camaraderie of playing with friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we play spades together?

A typical 52-card deck is used in the trick-taking card game of spades. The player who achieves the most points wins. It’s multiplayer in spades. A total of 2-4 players can participate in the game.

On Zynga, how can I send a request?

When a pop-up box appears after clicking an avatar, use the “add friends” option to add the player. If another user accepts your friend request, you will instantly become friends.

What app can I use to play Spades with friends?

The best and biggest online community for playing spades is called Spades Plus. The trump card in this traditional trick-taking card game is spades. Please invite your family and friends over, or play online with our vibrant community of players as you gather strategies to outbid your rivals.

Where can I find a community online Spades game?

Play the game you enjoy with your loved ones, or find other players at your skill level. You can play Spades according to your preferences with Trickster Spades’ adaptable rules. Quick-paced, competitive, and enjoyable – and free!

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