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Hey! I’m Ryan Smithburger, I Started This Blog as An Interesting Means Of providing facts to people when they come to find information that actually is real.

My goal with FactsManiya.com is to cover everything based on real information, information that one is looking for when they search for something. So, due to a lack of un-updated or false information available, I decided to help people out and blog my experience related to consumer things with good research.

“Every month, Factsmaniya.com helps individuals find their dreams. As trusted advisors or friends, we won’t instruct you or confuse you with words. Instead, we’ll provide simple, unbiased advice as well as observations derived from our thorough research.”

How does FactsManiya facilitate you?

FactsManiya’s purpose is to help individuals maximize things to their benefit. Every month, we serve users with relevant information based on facts and news, updated instructive how-to articles, and simple buying guides and reviews. Our mission is to educate people on the latest information, find goods that improve their lives, and learn how to use it all. We want to be the trusted, pleasant, and authoritative voice for those who rely on technology and other regular use stuff daily.

  • We strive to produce original, informative, and objective information on various tech products at FactsManiya. Copyright and other intellectual property rights must not be violated in any way. All information must be verified. Disciplinary action is taken if there is any evidence of plagiarism.
  • To ensure that our extensive collection of how-to content is always correct, thorough, relevant, and up-to-date, we regularly update and fact-check it. Articles in our content library are date-stamped to reflect completeness and accuracy following our systematic and rigorous update and verification procedure. Often, news items focus on a single occurrence and aren’t part of our regular updates.
  • We at FactsManiya are committed to informing readers of errors and correcting them. If we identify a serious factual error, we will swiftly edit the article and include a correction notice. All corrections will be identified, dated, and describe the correction.
  • Before publication, all content is properly edited to meet our high standards. Our editors look for readability, style, spelling and punctuation, photo and screenshot quality, and more.
  • Our how-to guides and other content are created and updated by tech instructors and authors. We follow stringent rules developed over five years to make every process as simple as possible.

Our Team

Ryan Smithburger: (Founder+ Cheif Editor)

Ryan Smithburger

Lois Chaudoin: (Editor and researcher)